Learn the Language
A few key phrases will go a long way and help you enjoy your trip and meet new people. 

Pack Light
There are dozens of guides out there (including these from Rick Steves) about how to fit what you'll need into a simple small bag. Enjoy the moment and leave the rest behind. 

Don't Worry about Feeling Different
You won't understand everything - that's ok. Enjoy the differences between our culture and the ones you're visiting, and take it as a chance to learn. 

Balance Flexibility and Structure
Weather, strikes, holidays, moods, and any number of things can crop to change plans. Rather than a fixed itinerary, consider a short list of possibilities that you can select from based on the needs of the moment. 

Pick a Theme
In just a few days - or even a couple weeks - you will never see it all. Pick a theme to help you prioritize. For our trip, it was art history. We fit in other things as we could, but if we needed to make choices, art was always the deciding factor. 

And, of course, trust Rick Steves!

While both of us had enjoyed Rick Steves' programming and guidebooks before, this was our first time on a tour. It was such a great decision! Whether you're joining a tour or traveling on your own, the Rick Steves universe has everything you need from beginning to end:

  • Free resources on the website and the audio app, from packing tips to transportation.
  • Physical guide and language books to make getting around on your own easier.
  • An all-in pricing model for tours; once we booked, everything was taken care of. We were so grateful for our guide, Reid's, expertise and hospitality. And, no need to pay extra for every little side trip or extra feature along the way! 

We hope you enjoyed our scrapbook of our journey through Italy with the Best of Venice, Florence & Rome in 10 Days Tour. Have comments, questions, or travel tips of your own? Contact us using the form below. 

Grazie mille e a presto!

Priscilla and Maggie Visit Italy | A Digital Scrapbook
All rights reserved. 2019
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